Self-healing Assistance for your Body, Mind, and Spirit

    Three 2000-years-old lotus seeds were unearthed near Tokyo in 1951. Following year Dr. Ooga, a botanist, succeeded in germinating and blooming one of those seeds.  Ooga Hasu, the Lotus named after Dr. Ooga, has been root planted to many places since then.  The beautiful miracle flowers of Ooga Hasu (Ooga Lotus) have been pleasing people not only in Japan but all over the world.

     At Lotus Seeds Therapy, we believe that each one of us has seeds of self-healing or happiness within us which might be buried so deeply that we have not discovered them just yet.   Lotus Seeds Therapy is here to assist you to unearth, germinate and bloom your self-healing seeds within you through our holistic approaches: yoga, meditation, massage, and more. 

     Once you become a blooming lotus or happy, you can start parting your root of happiness to your family, friends, communities and even to the whole world. Happiness of one person might seem insignificant but it is the most significant first step we need to take to the more peaceful world. Please let Lotus Seeds Therapy assist you to bring more happiness and peace to the world.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
Aska Yoshizu
the Founder/Owner of Lotus Seeds Therapy
Lotus Photo by Ebi