Aska's Teaching Style
During lunch break at a yoga workshop
What makes Aska's class different?
    "Anyone breathing can enjoy yoga practice!" is Aska's belief since she started teaching yoga. Based on her belief, she has been teaching yoga to many of those who think that they are not fit enough to try yoga because of their stiffness, old injuries, or other concerns. Aska truly enjoys witnessing beginners' joyful expressions as they re-discover their mind-body connection through yoga (asana) practice.
    All instructions in her class are simply an invitation to the students.
Instead of just muscling through to touch their toes, students are encouraged to listen to their body and follow their body's inner wisdom. In other words, students are welcome to back off of the poses, to take as much as rest needed, or to speak up and ask for modification options.

All Level or Mixed Level Classes

    Everybody can join and have fun in these classes.
Alignments instructions are even more emphasized as Aska leads students into deeper and more challenging poses. She will give students different options of poses step by step, so that students can try a variation of the poses which is most suitable to their condition of the day.

Classes are different every week!
    Although she teaches the same alignment principles in each class, Aska picks up a different theme and focus for the class every week. Thus, students will always learn something new or old things in a new perspective no matter how many times they have attended her class.