Let's unite our Body, Mind, and Spirit!

What is "Yoga"?
    These days yoga is getting more and more popular, yet most people still think of yoga is as just stretching in various poses (asanas).  The word "yoga" is derived from the Sanskrit verbal root yuj. Primary meaning of yuj are to harness, bind, integrate, unite, or unify.

    Aska believe that "yoga" is a process,
by letting go of our ego or limiting thoughts about ourselves through various practice such as poses (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dhāraṇā, dhyāna, samādhi), to unite our body, mind and spirit to its original state of Oneness, so that we can remember that we are One with the world or the Universe within us and around us.

Yoga Transformed Aska's Life
    In the midst of the darkest phase of her life, out of desperation Aska went to a meditation class at a local yoga studio. Within a few months, you could find her at the studio every day or even twice a day. Daily practice of meditation and yoga(asana) showed her everything, including her own sufferings, from a totally different perspective: Everything as a wholeness; How closely her own body, mind, and spirit are related. How tightly she is related to the Universe. Through this transformation, Aska has learned that difficulties in life is a gift of life, which challenges us to wake up and see things differently.
    Yoga and meditation not only changed her perspectives, but also lead her to a path to become a self-healing assistant to those who are struggling just like herself because of feelings of separated-ness or isolation, as a yoga instructor, a massage therapist and a Reiki practitioner.    

Aska's Path as a Yoga Instructor
   In 2005 Aska became a student of Yoga.
In 2008 she completed her first Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Educational Seminars (YES) in San Jose.
   After the YES training
, she extensively studied Anusara with various local and traveling teachers. She had accumulated over 1600 hours of education with Anusara certificated teachers. Aska was an Anusara-inspired instructor from 2010 to 2012 until she found her belief in Yoga and Life is not aligned with their system any longer.
    Aska's latest addition to her teaching is Therapeutic Yoga, which she studied with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal. She is very excited to expand her horizon to reach broader population who could benefit from yoga practice through Therapeutic Yoga practice.
    Aska has been teaching in SF Bay area since 2007. For more info on her teaching style and class schedule, please go to the Yoga Classes page.