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During lunch break at a yoga workshop
Corporate Manager
    My lower back was hurting for about a week already; the pain radiated down my left hamstrings all the way down to my left heel. Doctors suspected a herniated disc in the lumbar region. Steroids, they said would help. If that failed, surgery would be necessary - with a 40-50% success rate! I came across Aska's profile online and called her. The intake process was very straightforward, precise and professional. I went into the studio with some apprehensions, but since I knew she was a yoga teacher, I felt confident she understood spinal manipulations.The session consisted of strong, deep-tissue trigger point therapy targeting the trouble spots. Her friendly manner made the session more relaxing. In about an hour, the session was done and I was on my way to work, able to walk fairly easily! The subsequent sessions left me feeling incrementally better every time, and at the end of the sixth one which was a special session with an Esalen technique, my stress level fell from about 7/10 to almost nothing. My stomach and shoulders felt totally relaxed and at ease. In summary, an excellent therapist, professional, friendly and very dedicated to her clients well being and recovery.

    Grace, strenth and sensitivity are the three words I would use to
characterize Aska's "to the core" massage.   Her grace carried the
massage from beginning to end with great ease.  Her sensitivity
assisted my body in letting go of blocks and tightness.  Her strength
allowed her to do some deep tissue work that really freed me up.  When
it came time for the "core" massage she was able to press deeply
without causing me any discomfort in this very sensitive part of my
body.  The massage left me with a feeling of expansiveness and
freedom.  I found her work to be extremely bennefitical and healing!

Corporate Attorney

    I hold a lot of tension in my core from athletic endeavors, lots of chair time and have been trying to learn how to relax and activate them more Working the center lines of the body and including the core in the full body massage leaves you feeling light, yet grounded. Wonderful!  
      Walking feels amazing. I have been working hard to relearn how to walk and to relax my chronically tight foot. After the session I noticed it just naturally land softly, relax and spread out with each step.  
     Thanks for sharing your new learnings with me!

Stay home mom of 2 children

     I had minor L5-S1 disc protrusion early this year, and got referred to massage therapist Aska by my Physical Therapist.
     Aska is a great massage therapist. I had 2 massage sessions with her so far. I can feel she is very knowledgeable in this field. After understanding my injury, she uses lots of "lengthening spine skill" into the customized massage, which make my injured area feel so good.
She is also able to do deep work on muscles around the area to relieve long-term pain.
      Her hands are always very warn, maybe because of her practicing in Reiki as well.Also, Aska is very sensitive to your needs at the moment, both in terms of the massage and also in terms of interaction.
In recent session, she had add some core part massage which I never had before. It's interesting to give a try to see if you like it or not.
Overall, great experience, highly recommended.